Puppy Mini Miniature Poodles



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Reserving a miniature poodle puppy


Process for getting puppy from Puppy Mini


Please refer to our more information page to understand our communication emphasis before accepting a deposit. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable with getting a miniature poodle puppy from us, so we want you to ask any questions and feel comfortable with your purchase before you place a deposit. This will help us both when the puppy choosing takes place.


Place a deposit: We take a conditional non-refundable deposit to reserve a mini poodle. The conditions that will apply towards a deposit refund are:


--The litter reserved from did not have enough puppies for the list we had on that litter.

--You specified a gender and there was not one available in the litter reserved from.

-In these cases you will be allowed the option to have your deposit refunded or moved to the list on the next available litter.


-In the case you were dissatisfied with the litter choices due to these criteria, you will be allowed to move to the next litter only once. If you are dissatisfied at that time and you do not want a puppy, your deposit will be forfeited.


If you reserve a miniature poodle before they are born or before they reach 5 weeks old, you will be put on the list in order the reserves were placed.


We will begin the selection process on the litter between five and six weeks old. At that time we will place individual pictures on our webpage and you will have the choice of picking a puppy from the pictures or coming to visit.


Since we normally have a number of people waiting to pick their puppy, we appreciate as much cooperation as possible in this process. If you are visiting us, we would like to make these arrangements as soon as possible. If you are not able to come visit us in the appropriate time frame, we may require you to pick from the pictures.


We do not allow you to pick out and take your puppy home at the same time if you have been placed on the reserve list.